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Nutrition Consultations

My consultation style is very much patient-centred and dictated by your current needs, medical diagnosis (if you have one), your readiness or ability to change, and your social/life context.

Some people have a clear issue and are motivated to change and appreciate clear direction and advice, while others are not sure of what they are grappling with (or don’t agree with it) and hence are ambivalent about what they need. While others may have limited financial capacity to implement anything I suggest.

Some issues have clear interventions that have significant evidence behind them – such as the Low FODMAP diet for IBS, while others don’t so much have limited evidence, but are dependent on the readiness to change of the client (e.g. Eating Disorders). At the same time – I  do not overly believe in motivation or will power.

My approach is flexible, patient-centred, trauma-informed, inclusive and affirming. I see the world through a social justice lens and hope to create an environment of safety, inclusivity, a sense of non-judgement, and above all compassion.

Helen Barnett Dietitian Dubbo on the farm

As a non-diet, Health-at-every-size aligned dietitian, my focus is on improving health outcomes – which include social, emotional, mental and physical – by supporting a person’s relationship with food. I believe that a focus on weight and weighing tends to disrupt our relationship with food and result in disordered eating patterns, leading to restriction/binge cycles and decreased nutritional quality overall. I am also keen to support adequate and appropriate nutrition for everyone – which by now, understanding food rather than simply restricting it.

While it is assumed that a dietitian focuses mainly on weight issues, this isn’t actually the case. A dietitian is highly skilled at the nutritional management of complex and chronic diseases – including cancer, gastrointestinal issues, allergies and intolerances, COPD, reflux, malnutrition, nutritional deficiencies, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and eating disorders.

In most instances, an Initial consult is 1hour, followed by a review of either 1/2 hour or 1hour, depending on your individual concern.

Please bring your GP referral (if you have one, this is not compulsory to see a dietitian).