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Nutrition Consultations

I mainly offer 1-on-1 consultations, however in some circumstances will see 2 people at a time (e.g partners, families). My sessions are very individualised and as such we will spend quite a bit of time in the first session talking about your lifestyle, health, medical history, current eating patterns, dieting history, thoughts and/or beliefs about food and any issues or barriers that might get in the way to achieving your goals. After this we will discuss what your priorities are, and what you most want to achieve from your consultations with me. Before you leave I will give you some strategies and resources addressing your goals.

In follow up sessions we will revisit your goals, see what strategies worked or what challenges you faced. Here we can think through ways to address challenges, reflect on things that have gone well, tweak things to make it more achievable for your lifestyle or priorities or just address new issues as they arise.

Some people feel that they need to have followed their “plan” perfectly to attend their appointment with me – but this couldn’t be further from the case. As I don’t believe in diets in the first place, I’m all about challenging the stars quo. But it’s actually when times are really hard, when things have gone awry and you’re finding it really challenging that I’m here to help you find solutions. While it’s wonderful to hear that things are going swimmingly, I’m the most use to you when things are hard.